Hi, I’m Ellen – the book worm behind the Scriven Books blog. This blog was born out of necessity as I think my friends and family were getting a little tired of hearing me talk about books all the time (I blame the authors). So, I decided to start this blog as a way of venting all of my feelings on my latest read. Whether I loved a book or hated it, you will hear about it here.

It may also be worth mentioning that I have the memory of a gold fish and that this blog will probably be a really helpful way of keeping my thoughts together in one place. At the moment, I have a million notes on my phone as a way of trying to remember why I loved or hated a book. It’s not good for my storage, as you probably can imagine.

Occasionally, you might also see a non-thematic post on movies, TV shows, music or podcasts that I’m loving (I tend to bug everyone around me with my feelings on those thing as well. I know, I know – I’m that person). I might even occasionally post some of my own writing if I’m brave enough. Mainly, though, I think we’ll stick to the books.

So, come hang out and have a chat. Commiserate with me about my strange need to spend way too much money on books that I’m not even planning to read soon. Tell me what books you love and that I should add to my TBR pile. Let’s just all be book worms together.

If you want to keep up with what I’m currently reading/am up too, you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter  @ellen_taggart and @ellen_taggart1.